Neopak produces paper products for several specialsit markets including construction, textile, tissue, plastics, stationery and education.

Plasterboard Liner

Neopak’s Plasterboard Liner was born out of the need to find a cost-effective and environmentally-friendly alternative. The product attaches firmly to the face and back of gypsum boards, allowing both cushion and load-bearing support. This product is an excellent choice when building partition wall linings, coves or ceilings.

Rosslyn is the only South African paper mill able to consistently achieve the required tensile strength properties with only two plies. The liner provides toughness and durability and works particularly well with coating, painting and laminating


  • Available in 190 and 210 g/m2
  • Reel format with 102 mm core ID and 1450 mm reel diameter


Neopak’s NeoCore product range is specifically manufactured for spiral-wound paper cores and tubes used in tissue, textile, plastic film and stationery (tape) industries.

This grade is produced to a double-sided sized quality which ensures high durability and optimum ply bond (delamination strength) and as such enabling optimum performance on core winders. The mill is very flexible in terms of customising specifications to customers’ requests, e.g., thickness/bulk, glue absorption, etc.


  • Available in 175 and 225 g/m2
  • Reel format with 102 mm core ID and reel diameter between 1270mm and 1450mm

File Board

Neopak’s NeoFile is a speciality board grade engineered for the filing and archiving of documents. The board demonstrates consistency in the appearance on both sides of the sheet, with topside and underside shade. The superior board stiffness and dimensional stability provide a high level of toughness and durability.


  • Available in 185 and 190 g/m2
  • Superior strength characteristics - both SCT and CMT
  • Reel format with 102 mm core ID and reel diameter between 1000mm and 1450mm

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