Why Us?

Why Us?

In a commoditised industry, where price, service, quality and innovation are a given, suppliers tend to aggressively promote what they have to offer. Few, if any, take the time and resources to truly understand what the customer needs, and develop solutions based on these needs.

This is how Neopak differentiates itself from its competitors – providing smart paper-based packaging solutions that enhance your brands and profitability. We strategically partner with our customers on cost-saving multiplier effects throughout the value chain, exhibiting true packaging-focused business intelligence. The Neopak team knows the open space is around smarts, insights, dynamism, thought leadership and integration of products and processes. This sets Neopak apart from other industry players.

Software Capability

Neopak’s proprietary software ensures an optimised business solution. The smallest variables along the supply chain add up when packaging is produced at scale and over time. Our application considers the supply chain that the packaging operates in, manufacturing capabilities, best-in-class raw materials and fit-for-purpose applications. Using years of valuable empirical data, prediction models and supply chain constraints, our software recommends the right packaging solution, every time.

Corrugated Experience

With a legacy dating to 1920, Neopak’s heritage has helped to develop a deep understanding of the corrugated packaging industry. Through this thorough understanding of our customer’s business needs and applying our expertise, Neopak delivers insights that frequently result in innovative solutions. Looking beyond our heritage, Neopak is driven by a future-focused leadership team, constantly adding value to our customers’ businesses through unique integration of products and processes.

International Leverage

Technical agreements and IP-sharing ensures that Neopak is abreast of global developments and trends in the corrugated packaging industries. These include agreements with global giants such as DS Smith (Europe) for their packaging solutions machinery and designs (OTOR), Westrock (South America) for their solution to bulk intermediate containers, Baysek Machines (USA) for their state-of-the-art die-cutter solutions and Oji Fibre Solutions’ (formerly Carter Holt Harvey in New Zealand) Defor solution for the agricultural market.

Paper-making Expertise

Neopak’s value proposition is extended through our paper-making capabilities. With two recycled paper mills, we offer a range of high-performance fluting and liners. Our expertise in paper-manufacturing technologies, fibre sourcing and management and supply-chain understanding, allows Neopak to offer:

–          Optimised product offering and solutions that exceed customers’ expectations and performance

–          Supply-chain solutions to reduce unnecessary costs (Neologistiks)

–          A maintained finished goods inventory to service strategic and key customers

–          R&D expertise to provide latest innovations and industry changes, as well as specific paper testing


Strategic initiatives at the mill include:

  • An integrated recycled mill – recycling and treating effluent, producing own power via natural gas, while reducing landfill dumping and CO2 emissions
  • Cleaner production – Neopak will soon be the cleanest energy and water consumer in SA in relation to other paper recycle mills
  • Fibre management strategy to support SMEs to collect and supply fibre to mill
  • Strategic partnering with Neopak Recycling to provide lower fibre input cost into the business
Regional Deals with Multinationals

All four Neopak mega plants, situated in the major economic centres of South Africa, have standardised manufacturing equipment, offering customers a national manufacturing footprint and seamless contingency planning through national Supply and Operational Planning (S&OP). All tooling requirements are manufactured by Neopak’s Corroflex business, ensuring the highest level of quality tooling for each manufacturing machine. This, coupled with a unique Key Account Management strategy allows Neopak to successfully service a range of multinational corporates across the South African landscape, through a regional single point of service. This approach still allows for national benefits such as consolidated group contracts.


The company has significantly invested in culture and leadership development for all Neopak staff, based on Sinequanon methodology. This approach focuses on encouraging staff development and growth, and unlocks potential. Ongoing growth is key. By changing mind, skill and tool sets, to support a common purpose, the team lives our self-defined values:

  • Think customer first – Be fair
  • Be accountable – Put the team first
  • Commit to progress – Build trust and respect


Neopak supports the principle of BBBEE, a South African programme increasing economic inclusion. Neopak is rated regarding our commitment to Employee Inclusion, Skills Development, Ownership Structures and Socio-economic Development. At Neopak we embrace this notion, and are proud to be rated as a Level 4 BBBEE company and a 100% BBBEE contributor.