Neopak Research & Development provides a technical support service to the different divisions of Neopak.  This service includes, but is not restricted to the following:

Research and Development

Research & Development (Summary)

Neopak R&D is a valuable service for analysis, troubleshooting, modelling and optimisation of products, raw materials, paper materials, corrugated board and paper-based packaging to help ensure you get the optimum in packaging business intelligence.

Research & Development (Long version)

Neopak Research and Development provides a technical support service to the different divisions of Neopak. This service includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Analysis, optimization and performance prediction of new corrugated products
  • Analysis of raw materials and evaluation of suitability for use
  • Trouble shooting and root cause analysis, both internally (paper mill and converting plants) and externally (customers)
  • Development of mathematical models to predict carton performance
  • Investigating new test methodologies for the paper mill and plants
  • Compiling and evaluating specifications for raw materials and products
  • Developing new raw materials
  • General technical information gathering, i.e. comparison of products to international requirements, food safety requirements, recyclability characteristics, etc
  • Neopak R&D runs a state-of-the-art paper laboratory at its facility in Epping.  The paper laboratory is equipped to evaluate the performance of paper based packaging, paper films and paper laminates. The following tests are performed at the laboratory:

Evaluation of paper materials (liners, fluting, sack paper, solid fibreboard, tissue)

  • Strength properties testing (SCT, RCT, Concora, burst, z-direction bond strength, tear resistance, wet and dry tensile properties (strength, stretch, stiffness and TEA), Taber stiffness, peel strength)
  • Water resistance tests (Cobb, water drop penetration)
  • Moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR))
  • Surface properties (Bendtsen roughness, PPS roughness, surface pH, coefficient of friction)
  • Other physical properties (grammage, caliper, Bendtsen porosity)
  • Optical property testing of materials (R457 brightness, colour (CIE LAB*, RGB), whiteness (E313, CIE), opacity, gloss at various angles of measurement)
  • Grease resistance (Kit test)

Tests specific to corrugated board

  • Edge-wise compressive strength test (ECT)
  • Flat crush test (FCT)
  • Ply adhesion test (PAT)
  • Bending stiffness (3 point)
  • Dynamic Torsion Stiffness test (DST)

Evaluation of paper-based packaging

  • Material construction breakdown of the carton, sack or label
  • Box compression testing (BCT) of corrugated and solid fibreboard paperboard cartons under standard and non standard conditions
  • Failure analysis of containers stored at various temperature and humidity conditions
    Strength of special features, i.e. carrying handles, perforations, etc
  • Crease stiffness measurement
  • Glue joint strength measurement
  • Scuff resistance measurement
  • Transport simulation
  • Stereomicroscope inspection of e.g. foreign objects, surface defects, starch adhesive, etc