Research and Development

Research and Development

Neopak Research and Development provides a technical support service to the different divisions of Neopak. This service includes, but is not restricted to:

  • Analysis, optimisation and performance prediction of new corrugated products
  • Analysis of raw materials and evaluation of suitability for use
  • Troubleshooting and root cause analysis, both internally (paper mill and converting plants) and externally (customers)
  • Development of mathematical models to predict carton performance
  • Investigating new test methodologies for the paper mill and plants
  • Compiling and evaluating specifications for raw materials and products
  • Developing new raw materials
  • General technical information gathering, i.e. comparison of products to international requirements, food safety requirements, recyclability characteristics, etc.
  • Neopak R&D runs a state-of-the-art paper laboratory at its facility in Epping.  The paper laboratory is equipped to evaluate the performance of paper-based packaging, paper films and paper laminates. The following tests are performed at the laboratory:

Evaluation of paper materials (liners, fluting, sack paper, solid fibreboard, tissue)

  • Strength properties testing [SCT, RCT, Concora, burst, z-direction bond strength, tear resistance, wet and dry tensile properties (strength, stretch, stiffness and TEA), Taber stiffness, peel strength]
  • Water resistance tests (Cobb, water drop penetration)
  • Moisture vapour transmission rate (MVTR)
  • Surface properties (Bendtsen roughness, PPS roughness, surface pH, coefficient of friction)
  • Other physical properties (grammage, caliper, Bendtsen porosity)
  • Optical property testing of materials [R457 brightness, colour (CIE LAB, RGB), whiteness (E313, CIE), opacity, gloss at various angles of measurement]
  • Grease resistance (Kit test)

Tests specific to corrugated board

  • Edge-wise compressive strength test (ECT)
  • Flat crush test (FCT)
  • Ply adhesion test (PAT)
  • Bending stiffness (3 point)
  • Dynamic Torsion Stiffness test (DST)

Evaluation of paper-based packaging

  • Material construction breakdown of the carton, sack or label
  • Box compression testing (BCT) of corrugated and solid fibreboard paperboard cartons under standard and non-standard conditions
  • Failure analysis of containers stored at various temperature and humidity conditions
  • Strength of special features, i.e. carrying handles, perforations, etc.
  • Crease stiffness measurement
  • Glue joint strength measurement
  • Scuff resistance measurement
  • Transport simulation
  • Stereomicroscope inspection of, e.g. foreign objects, surface defects, starch adhesive, etc.