Professional Markets

Our predominant market happens to be the FMCG sector, which is where we serve some of Southern Africa’s most prominent brands, destined for both local and off-shore markets.

From cleaning products, liquid, powders and food products, we have a range of fit for purpose packaging solutions to meet your exact needs. Our smart packaging products also address your marketing and supply chain requirements.

We supply bulk packs, shipping boxes and shelf and retail ready convenient packaging. Our passion for innovation is proven to create maximum consumer appeal carrying your brand all the way. Our product range includes:


Regular slotted case is the most basic type of closed packaging. Designs can be created for manual applications or tailored to address specific needs for high-speed high-precision automated packing lines where our Evogen design is of great value.


Trays are cost-effective product carriers ideal for self-supporting products like bottles or cans. A tray relies heavily on the ability of the primary packs to carry the load palletised on top of it. It serves as a carrier and is designed to be used in manual packing lines or sophisticated automated packing lines. Hand folded with self-lock as well as machine assembled with or without glue options are available. The tray product is available with the state-of-the-art Neotechnik machine range.

Wrap Around

Wrap around style boxes are used on fully automated packing lines where self-supporting primary products need to be packed into fully closed boxes. These boxes are designed to be more cost-effective carriers than RSC boxes.


Corrugated crates are designed to be fit for purpose. From heavy-duty, machine assembled designs to light duty, hand assembled designs, we have them all available.

Dairy Packaging

Our range of dairy packaging is designed to be integrated with purpose-designed primary packaging that may already be in use at your factory. From milk to yoghurt or cheese we have the solutions and expertise to carry your brand to market. Packaging suitable for high-speed automated lines or low-speed manual lines can be designed to ensure seamless integration into your existing process.

Meat and Poultry Packaging

Fresh or frozen meat packaging is taken care of by making use of Neopak’s innovative designs and capability to manufacture raw material suitable for the cold chain. Packaging can be designed for manual packing lines, fully automated or
semi-automated lines. Not only is the product match critical in this segment, but understanding the cold chain is of equal importance. Neopak understands the effect of the environment on corrugated packaging and takes this into account when designs are finalised. Open or closed packaging suitable for local or export use is available.

Product and Layer Pads

Neopak is the manufacturer of choice for corrugated or solid board laminated layer pads. These layer pads have a wide variety of use. From saving space to protecting your valuable product. The layer pads can be manufactured in various size options for use in automated or manual packing lines. Layer pads offer stability to products with a small footprint that need to be palletised. Layer pads are also used for large bottle or can products.

Dangerous Goods Packaging

Neopak has the designs, materials and expertise to package your dangerous goods. Oils, emulsions and even explosives can be packaged into corrugated boxes. With access to a state of the art R&D lab, we are able to test packaging thoroughly prior to supplying it to an independent facility for certification, thus ensuring an excellent pass rate.