In early 2015, Ethos Private Equity, having identified the potential of Nampak’s corrugated division, acquired the company and rebranded it as Neopak. This rebrand, however, was far more than a simple rename, but rather a rejuvenation of the company, building off its strong legacy and history in the corrugated packaging industry.

The Present

As the big new name in the South African corrugated packaging industry, our values, ambitions and behaviour are aimed at delivering every customer and business (both local and international) with high-quality and cost-effective corrugated packaging solutions.

With modern ways of thinking, working and collaborating we create innovative solutions for our customers’ businesses for the future and beyond.

We believe there’s more to any box than just four corners, 90-degree angles and corrugated cardboard walls.

So we find it’s better to ask, what’s in the box?

That’s where our heart lies, on the inside. It’s where we strive to provide an outlook that better benefits your business. With over 1 200 employees, we work pro-actively to find tailored solutions to your business’ needs.

Our Timeline