Agricultural Markets

On the agricultural side of the business, where fresh produce is the predominant market served, we have a number of standardised solutions for the different produce sectors.

Neopak has been manufacturing high-performing, fresh-produce corrugated packaging for many years. Since the introduction of the first graphic and structural design centres in the mid ’90s, we were at the helm of design and innovation of fresh-produce packaging.

Through our experience in fresh-produce packaging and the implementation of our nine-stage-innovation process linked to our R&D lab capability, Neopak is able to design and manufacture cost-effective, robust and high-performing fresh-produce packaging for local and export markets. We ensure that your product is carried to the end user while enhancing your brand to increase sales.

Our innovative range of products include packaging for:



Stone Fruit


Apples and Pears

Various Berries








Beans, Lettuce and Other Vegetables

Our innovative designs include hand-assembled options for slower packing lines or small to medium production as well as high-speed machine assembled designs suited for high speed packing. Neopak has also developed a range of packaging suitable for automated place packing where high speed production and packing is required without the intervention of humans. This includes the erecting and forming of boxes, transfer, collating and packing of produce as well as stacking and automated palletising. Our star performing boxes are named but many more options are available.


The DEFOR design is well known for its very strong stacking strength, excellent ventilation and rock-solid stackability. The patented design of the DEFOR with its unique stacking lugs ensures that export fruit arrives at its destination in the same condition as it was packed on the farm. The design requires a lighter board grade than conventional open top style boxes. The DEFOR is also not prone to base sag which is ideal for place pack or jumble pack fruit. The DEFOR box can also be used on automatic place packing lines. The DEFOR is available with the state of the art Neotechnik machine range.

Telescopic Boxes

Neopak’s range of telescopic fruit boxes gives new life to an old-world design. Telescopic boxes are a cost-effective solution for export markets where the requirement is for the box to be fully closed at the top. Their intelligent ventilation for short cooling times and fit-for-purpose paper use makes them an efficient and cost-effective option. The capital outlay for semi-automated box erectors is also very low compared to open-top machines.


With superior ventilation, perfect internal volume and high top load strength, the Baren-lock design is the ideal box to pack punnets or loose fruit. The design is machine assembled and requires an uncomplicated tray erector. Once the product is packed, the partial lids hinge closes and locks onto the lock system that doubles up as a stacking lug. Various size and weight options are available. The Baren-lock is available with the state-of-the-art Neotechnik machine range.

Super Uno

The Super Uno is a machine-assembled design that can be used in high-volume production lines. Capital investment is required to fold the tray with triangular pillar support in the corners. This design has a higher top load capability than the standard ledge fold tray but the internal dimensions do not allow for the packing of punnets. The design can be used for loose fruit only. The extended ledge prevents telescoping when stacked. Various size and weight options are available. The Super Uno is available with the state-of-the-art Neotechnik machine range.