About Neopak Recycling


Neopak Recycling is an organisation serving all regions of South Africa
Neopak has a recycling division that focuses on the minimisation of waste to landfill servicing all the regions of South Africa. With more than 40 years in business, our recycling unit is one of the largest collectors of recyclable materials and one of the largest suppliers of recyclables to a range of industries across South Africa, including our own 100% waste-based Kraft Paper Mill located in Rosslyn Pretoria.

Neopak processes in excess of 180,000 tons of recyclable waste per annum, including various grades of paper, plastic, glass and metal packaging. All the recyclable products we generate are supplied to manufacturing companies who in turn use the materials to make new products.

As such, Neopak is one of the largest traders of recovered material in South Africa, with material secured from a variety of sources including Commercial, Institutional and Government offices, SMMEs, BEE ventures, Buy-Back Centres, etc.


Our process

Neopak is a recyclable waste reclamation company serving all regions of South Africa.


We assess your waste stream and processes to identify opportunities to minimise waste to landfill.


We procure and transport recyclable waste from waste collectors nationally and within the broader SADC.


We process most types of recyclable waste including paper, plastic, metal and glass packaging.


We have processing facilities in two of South Africa’s major urban centres and a large fleet of vehicles, collection containers, balers and compacters to meet any and all your recycling needs.

New Products

We are constantly looking for new ways to direct products away from landfill and into conventional recycling streams.


Neopak partners with a number of companies and manufacturers to offer turnkey recycling solutions for most recyclable materials.

With tailormade services to suit our clients’ unique needs, we are always focused on minimising the amount of waste sent to landfill.